Light & Sound Love Activation

Heal on an ancestral level and embrace your soul mission and life purpose.

One Light and Sound Love Activation with Randi Maree will activate the following and more:

  • Ancestral Trauma Release

  • Heavy Metal Detox

  • Heavy Mineral Detox

  • Emotional Healing & Detox

  • White Blood Cell Generation & Activation

  • DNA Activation

  • Past Life Recollection

Sound Healing

A powerful ancient healing modality. Known to immediately move the body back into its natural state of health and wholeness while relaxing the mind and muscles. When combined with Eye Gazing with Randi Maree, This causes heavy metal and mineral detoxification in the body, as well as activating and regenerating white blood cells.

Eye Gazing

Another ancient and highly effective modality used for activating past life experiences, visions, communicating with higher-self or spirit guides, and connecting to source. When done with an Activated Being, your DNA gets activated along with profound ancient detoxifications happening in the body (ancient and ancestral trauma being released and cleared).

Love Activation

Newly activated DNA shows up or becomes realized after a Light & Sound Love Activation in an unfolding and expanding way. Notice what you notice while also being hyper-aware of "miracles" of all sizes and divine experiences in your life.

About Randi Maree

Randi Maree is the embodiment of LOVE. She activates individuals wherever she goes and in every interaction. Randi was truly born to be a healer and Love Activation Practitioner.

Born in a small farming town in Utah to loving and supportive parents, Randi was safe-guarded through her youth, and her innocence was protected. Even as a young teenager, working in her parent's pizzeria, she was known for being happy and her light was infectious to everyone around.

Waking up to the dark happenings in the world was no easy thing for Randi, as love and light are her nature. And being married to someone that piled on the lessons and demanded strength and tenacity only made her more activated and assisted in her becoming the beacon of light for others that she was born to be.

Breathing Light

A Practice For Beginners & Masters

Flowing through each of us is light. Pure, God-conscious light is what powers all living things- it is like the electrical cord for a toaster.

When we tap into this light and focus on it, it will flow more easily and penetrate every part of our perfect holographic 'grid'.

Light only knows the perfect path and your perfect blueprint. We are all whole and complete at our core. ~Breathing Light is a very simple yet VERY powerful meditative modality.

You can do this at any time during the day.


Zita Iwuoha

"I had a life-changing experience with Randi’s healing session. Prior to this experience, I was overwhelmed with stress, anger, and sorrow over the murder of my cousin, and my feeling of sorrow was giving way to depression but, after my session with Randi, I felt like a heavy load was lifted off my shoulder and I felt so light and inner calm ensured. I highly recommend this healing to anyone seeking physical, mental, and spiritual wellness."

Kameron Porter

"I’ve been on a path of emotional and spiritual growth for a very long time. I’m familiar with many modalities both energetic and physical, and I’ve had countless profound healing experiences and breakthroughs.

That being said, my work with Randi has been life-changing! I’m lucky to have had many sessions with her, even when one session would have unlocked and expanded me rapidly into ascension and living my purpose.

The way Randi brings in remembered, ancient modalities and seamlessly melds them into modern DNA-activating energy work is unheard of from all my years on my spiritual journey.

Thank you Randi!"

Ali Porter

"Randi is truly gifted in her ability to connect with source and shine healing light in the areas that need healing.

I had an eye gazing session with her that profoundly impacted my healing journey. The experience was beyond this world.

I saw past versions of myself and ancestors that defied time and space. The feeling of opening and embracing all of my past, present, and future self was transformative.

Randi’s love and light is truly infectious, and her beautiful soul can heal with a hug. I am so grateful to bear witness to her gifts and I am so excited that she is sharing them with the world."


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